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 Torque & Horsepower

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PostSubyek: Torque & Horsepower   5/9/2008, 9:42 am

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Pak Admin, bantuin terjemahin yee..
Torque is the ability of the engine to continue to twist (rotate) the rear
wheel with great force. Torque has nothing to do with speed. Maximum
torque is not to be found at the highest revs but somewhere below that
- perhaps as much as 25%. Because lower revs are involved, the rear
wheel is less inclined to spin and loose traction - an important issue
when riding your bike up a steep gravel road.
Horsepower is the ability of your engine to move your bike forward at a certain speed - the higher the speed, the shorter the time taken, the greater the horsepower needed.
Every engine has its own characteristics of torque and horsepower - something you as the rider can only learn with experience and hopefully, not too much trial and error!
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Torque & Horsepower
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